About us

World Artist Refuge …where entertainment, fashion and art culture thrive.

What is a refuge? It is a place that provides shelter or protection. Then, what is World Artist Refuge? It is a sanctuary where entertainment, fashion and art culture thrive.

A dream project of founder Morris Peterson, World Artist Refuge represents a movement of inspired artistic expressions branded to deliver entertainment and lifestyle content to culturally diverse artists and art lovers around the world. From entertainment news to the latest fashion to couture design to luxury transportation, the World Artist Refuge brand is a hub for all things artsy and entertaining.

We provide a venue where established and up and coming artists can showcase their latest work, whether it’s a Picasso inspired painted portrait or the next international pop star the World Artist Refuge is their gateway to express themselves to the world.

Our extensive website portals connect artistically conscience visitors to a plethora information on where and when they can find the next fashion or art exhibit or how to represent in style in luxury transportation at the latest art or music affair, with World Artist Refuge Transport.

Whether it is at a “step and repeat” of the latest movie premiere or award show, World Artist Refuge Clothing can deliver a personalized ensemble that will set you above the rest.
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